Dedicated Press is a company with over 25 years of experience in the editorial industry and 12 years in developing digital tools and contents for hotels. Our joint projects with the most important publishers, news agencies, technology firms as well as our business relation with clients all over the world, have been key points to shape the company we are today.

Dedicated Press LLC
Dedicated Press LLC

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With a unique blend of fun and professionalism, the team at Dedicated Press gathers innovation and experience to make hoteliers’ jobs easier by providing them with great products that will improve their guests’ experiences. We pride ourselves on having great professionals that always commit to deliver excellency on every project for our customers.




  • Without a doubt, the Dedicated Press newspapers are unique. Our editions are completely tailor-made for each hotel with designated spaces to promote the hotel specials and events.
  • It is a fact that a considerable percentage of guests still enjoy reading the daily news in a printed format rather than on a computer or mobile device. Dedicated Press offers you a quality product that caters to your guests’ preference and lets them decide whether to read the news from the app or from a printed copy.
  • Whether they stay for business or vacation, we are aware that most of the hotel guests never spend hours on reading a newspaper in a traditional 30-40 page format during their stay, therefore, each of our nine editions, offered in seven different languages, have been meticulously designed in a six page format that your guests will read and enjoy maybe during their breakfast, leaving the rest of the day for business, touring or relaxing activities.
Dedicated Press LLC
  • Understanding the growing need of hoteliers to digitalize the way they communicate with guests and to provide them with accurate information, Dedicated Press’ main efforts have been focused on delivering a nice and reliable Hospitality App that will exceed your expectations.
  • In contrast to many other hotel apps that offer a complicated format with a labyrinth of information, our Hospitality App has been recognized not only for its features and great design, but for its simplicity and intuitiveness to navigate from one section to another.
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