• Except for our Russian edition, all are delivered 365 days a year.
  • Top news provided by the main agencies worldwide.
  • Fully personalized format includes your hotel logo and picture in the header, as well as two publicity spaces to promote your outlets.
  • Sent to your hotel staff every evening for printing.
  • Delivered to your guest via our mobile app.


Six-page format includes the following sections:

  • Top news
  • International
  • Business (x2)
  • Sports
  • Entertainment

Editions we currently offer:

  • English (U.S.)
  • English (Europe)
  • Spanish (America)
  • Spanish (Europe)
  • Portuguese
  • French
  • German
  • Russian
  • Arabic

(The news are selected according to the language in order to be geographically relevant for each edition).


With an elegant, intuitive, and visually attractive design, our All Inclusive Mobile App has been developed for your guests to be well informed and easily connected with the hotel personnel.


 Features and contents:


  • Detailed information of hotel services (text, images and menus).
  • Detailed information of places of interest (text and images).
  • Detailed information of external services (transportation, tours, shopping, restaurants).
  • Private events (business meetings and weddings), exclusively visible to guests in a specific group.
  • Direct access to your Social Media (TripAdvisor, Facebook, Instagram).
  • Flight information.
  • Local weather information in real time + three day forecast in Fahrenheit and Celsius.
  • Interactive tool to book restaurant tables, spa sessions, and other services in real time.
  • Integrated chat for butler service.
  • Guest-staff, staff-guest integrated chat for any other service (concierge, housekeeping, maintenance, etc.).
  • Push Notifications to send information or to promote hotel specials. These notifications can be sent massively, segmented, or even to a single guest.
  • Newspaper editions in digital format.
  • Web-based platform to edit mobile app contents and generate Push Notifications in real time.
  • Publication of your mobile app in AppStore and Google Play with the hotel name and logo.
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