Which is the Dedicated Press information source?

100% of the texts, images, and graphics are provided, endorsed and verified by the international news agency Agence France-Presse (AFP).

What languages is the newspaper published in?

We currently publish newspapers in English (USA and Europe editions), Spanish (America and Europe editions), Portuguese, French, German, Russian and Arabic.

How often is the newspaper published?

Except for the Russian edition, all are published 365 days a year.

Can I subscribe to another edition in the middle of my subscription?

Yes, you may subscribe at any time by making the proportional payment for the new version.

How do I print the newspapers?

The format is letter-sized. You are in full control to decide whether to print it in letter-sized, A4, or double letter-sized paper for folding.

You can also choose whether to print in black and white or in full color, as we provide the .PDF file in high resolution and full color format.

How often can I change my ads in the newspapers?

You may change your ads as frequently as you need; in fact, we encourage you to take advantage of this feature, which is free of charge during your subscription period.

Can I sell an advertisement space to external service providers?

Yes, you can. You are responsible of the information that will be published within the designated space for this purpose.

Can you develop a different format to meet my hotel requirements?

No, we do not change our pre-established app structure as it has proven to provide all the tools and functionalities that every hotel needs to deliver information and interact with their guests in a very intuitive manner; however, we do personalize the app with all the hotel information to make it visually attractive to the end user.

Do we need to provide Dedicated Press with our guests' information?

We use the guest’s name to personalize the app with a welcome message on the main screen and it is also used as an identifier to book a service or request a print copy of the newspaper.

Is the Dedicated Press mobile app available to guests even when they haven't checked in or have already left the hotel?

Our mobile apps have been design to provide your guests with all the hotel information they need, however, newspapers and all interactive tools are only available with an access code that you would provide to your guests during their stay.

Can you personalize the app with my hotel name and logo in the App Store and Google Play?

Yes, we can and it’s included in your annual subscription.

Once my app is configured with my hotel's logo, images and text, can I change the content of a specific section?

Since Dedicated Press are web-based interactive mobile apps, we would provide you with a username and password so you can easily edit specific information, such as restaurant menus, texts, images, and activities program.

What are the IT requirements to set the Dedicated Press app in my hotel?

We only need you to provide a good Wi-Fi connection for your guests as we provide all the software to make the application work correctly.


Would I be the owner of the app's source code?

No, you would not. Our subscription structure has been designed to provide your hotel with a great mobile app yet keeping in mind how to save you money.


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